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Necklace with Snow Obsidian

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Silver is placed over the shoulders, the elves drink the evening tea. The mountains breathe, the mountains sigh, the air smells with hoarfrost, blue. White birds paint the sky. The stones carry in it the entire universe. Freeze still. Listen to the breathing. Let the hot mountain tea fill the mind, and the cosmos approaches. And the Earth becomes the continuation of you. While you’re its beginning. And volcanoes ejaculate crystals ...
Freeze still.
Do you hear how the heart’s core is on fire? ...

And so, this is the story: according to an ancient legend, obsidian was brought to Western Europe by the Roman legionnaire Obsidius, who miraculously survived a terrible battle. Since then, the stone gained glory of a safeguarding amulet and it widespread. The famous foreseer Vanga said that obsidians are the burnt and scorched wings of angels saving people from the flame of the nether world. For many centuries already, this volcanic rock type of a mineral has been officially approved for use in depicting portraits of the saints and words of prayers — and that is a great rarity.

Materials: Copper, Brass, Quartz, Mirror.
Expect to receive your jewelry set beautifully presented and very well packed.

The chain comes 18" long but please feel free to message me (at order note) to change the length.

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