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Pendant Ушба

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Pendant Ушба with natural stone, indian agat, quartz and mirror. 

The song of the "Мельница" group "Ушба".

Based on Georgian legends and fairy tales dedicated to the double-headed mountain.
The beauty of the mountain is stronger than any dark story.

The necklace is made of a mirror, at the top there are 2 peaks of a mountain made of cobalt-tinted agate and earrings- tow quartz with titanium plated
And my drawing) The sealed face of the beauty is between two glasses.
Crystals of quartz tinted with cobalt are soldered from below.

The sun, tell me why I need light? My darling left yesterday.
Be quiet, the bell of the carved moon in my green meadows.
A woman of silver called him up with one nod of her head with two painted horns.

Give me back my soul, soul of the two-horned mountain!
What sacrifice is sweet to your crown of tops?
I will give a bull whose horns are curved and sharp,
Like the sickle that you take off the harvest of our men.
The stone can be little bit different like at the foto.

multistrand necklace

Materials: Stainless steel, Copper, Glass.
!!! Soldered Using Lead Free Solder !!!

Expect to receive your jewelry set beautifully presented and very well packed.

The chain comes 18" long but please feel free to message me (at order note) to change the length.

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