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Forest Wind Pendant

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Forest Wind Pendant

Includes a suspension-moonlight from a dark emerald glass with an amber color cabochon

This wind sings in the lush green of the May forests, whispers its mantras to the deaf mosses in the marsh lowlands, inflates the sails of the heavenly sails that carry the life-giving moisture to all of the Green on this planet.

Close your eyes and look, breathe, feel the heart of the Forest.

You can watch a short video about this suspension, click here.

If you decide to find something unique and unusual, then you are in the right place!
Handcrafted, made with traditional Tiffany techniques. (made with glassmirror, hand cut, grinded, copper foiled, soldered with lead, love))

Pendant measure 7 cm long (not including ring and hook) and a approx 5 cm at its widest point.

Did you see something you like, but not the right colour? I love custom orders. If you have something in mind, I'll work with your ideas and create a one of a kind piece just for you.

!!! Soldered Using Lead Free Solder !!!
Materials: Steel, Stain glass.

The chain comes 18" long but please feel free to message me (at order note) to change the length.

Expect to receive your Pendant beautifully presented and very well packed.

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