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Gray Fox

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For a long while now I’ve been thinking about creating jewelry for charity, so that part of the proceeds earned from it would be given to help children with oncological disorders.

In particular, with the case of neuroblastoma.

Neuroblastoma is the cancer of the sympathic nervous system, frequently developing on one of the adrenal glands.
Why address this particular variety of cancer?

We’ve faced it ourselves. Up close and personally.

We have a son, whose name is Marcus, and during ultrasound in the second month of his life he was diagnosed with with a neuroblastoma.

There were lots of tears, hysteria, treatment, intensive-care. Everything is well now, as we are in a long-term remission stage.
Still, I vividly remember those half a year spent in the department of pediatric oncology, racking my brain around how I could help him.


40% of the profits from these item will be transferred to the first in Russia organization that aids neuroblastoma-diagnosed patients. Its mission is to help children diagnosed with neuroblastoma, as well to assist the family members in the difficult battle with this disease.

Stay healthy and take care of each other!

First pic- is my art)
The fox head necklace will be good packed!

Materials: Glass, Stone, Steel, Copper, Pearl.
!!! Soldered Using Lead Free Solder !!! 

The chain comes 18" long but please feel free to message me (at order note) to change the length.

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