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Brooch beetle scarab

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Brooch beetle scarab

This beetle to flown from a planet where Photosynthesis and the Greenest Color everywere...
Life there sterted not from protein and amino acids, but from glass and semiprecious stones with metals.
The beetle has the most beautiful iridescent wings and amazonite stones, crowning mustaches)
The base of two green cabochons made from quartz glass.
Handmade work, the beetle body soldered in the experimental technique of "sculpting" tin.
The feet are made of steel wire.

If you want buy yourself or present intresting gift for somebody, then this beetle is what you need! Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Can be made in different sizes and colors.

The brooch will be good packed! 

Materials: Pewter, Copper, Glass.
!!! Soldered Using Lead Free Solder !!!

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