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The comb of Shiva- Chandrashekhar (version for girls)))

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The comb of Shiva-Chandrashekhar (version for girls)))

Shiva-Chandrasekhara (Shiva with a comb in the form of a month in hair) is a divine refuge and protection of all universal cycles and rhythms of life, from origin to destruction. Therefore, the Moon is always present among the other attributes in the images of Shiva, decorating his hair. Most iconographic treatises such as Shilpa Ratna connect this form of Shiva, Shiva-Chandrasekharu, with the hypostasis when Shiva is in the company of his beloved Parvati, for example, the famous form of Uma Sahit or Uma Pati, where Shiva is full of love and affection for Parvati Ume).
This connection recalls that Shiva-Chandrasekhara is the mystical image of Shiva, which protects the subtle feminine energy shown next to him, while Shiva himself represents the male solar aspect, a positive pole. Shiva-Chandrasekhara gives rise to the interaction of opposites, which brings happiness and harmony to all that exists.

But our comb, created in the workshop, carries even more female energy-it is decorated with the symbol of the lotus flower and patterns for even more "ozhenstveniya" that will carry it in the hair, because modern maidens sometimes lack the strength of the Inner Goddesses.

It is also made from a mirror that it hurts to reflect all negative messages that can fly to the head and from the head)

Materials: Steel.

!!! Soldered Using Lead Free Solder !!!

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